Martial Arts Classes in Centreville, MD

Virtual Karate Training ‘At Home’ Program

Interested in learning karate from your Home for your kids,  This Program will keep them focused with the drills, provide productive activiites, channel their disciplines to do the drills, and have FUN learning.  If so, register at

Trial Try-Outs

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Kids: 4 weeks, $69, FREE Uniform
Adults: 3 Classes, $19.99, FREE Uniform
Goju Fitness for Ladies:  3 Classes, $19.99, FREE Hand Wraps

Karate & Self Defense

“Changing Lives, One Life At A Time”

Mission Statement:  use the practice and study of martial arts to shape and transform you, as you make the Expressions through mental, physical, and social growth and development, our team work, our training, and our family centric values.

Knowing what to do is better than not knowing. One can look at it like insurance; ‘better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.’ In this ‘’day and time’ it is always something one should know-have-possess, and be able to apply in any potential situation.



You can better leverage yourself with training at Youngsan Karate.

Karateka Development

Students will receive training in the development of a karateka, which includes:

  • stances
  • blocks
  • strikes
  • kicks
  • breathing
  • conditioning
  • cardio
  • flexibility
  • courtesies’ of the dojo
  • mental toughness
  • self-defense tactics
  • assailant psychological overview
  • vital areas of the body for striking
  • respect
  • attitude
  • discipline


There is more to our Programs, than just karate and self-defense. You will develop:

  • self-awareness
  • leadership traits
  • better character
  • situational awareness
  • cardio
  • toning/conditioning
  • better reflexes
  • self-esteem
  • develop better strength
  • better sleep habits
  • better concentration (focus)
  • team work
  • fun and firm training environment

Karate and self-defense are not only a physical endeavor, they are as much a mental one, too. You must react smartly in a situation, whether you use a physical technique, a mental technique, a verbal technique, or a combination thereof.

Remember, your mind becomes a focal point to impact whatever you do. And, your training and conditioning manifest themselves in the physical arena to perform the necessary action. “Sometimes, no action is an action”. Train-Teach-Train