Class Discipline

The philosophy of the Martial Arts is based upon respect. This is what makes the Oriental Arts, distinctive from other physical sports.

Class discipline may be developed over a period of time, thought, and intensive training of offensive and defensive moves with due respect given by both fellow class trainees, instructors, and thereby, toward the Arts.

Class members learn an attitude of seriousness and patience which enables them to perfect techniques.

When every student has the same attitude, the entire school becomes unified through discipline.

Students with respect for their school distinguish it from the gymnasium, stage room, etc, and behave seriously during class.

They always bow with sincerity when entering or leaving the Dojo or place of practice, and to one another in training.

This type of mental control helps the Martial Arts student outside of the Dojo, and enables him/her to perform better in all aspects of his/her life.

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