Youth Karate Lil Warriors and Ashigaru Warriors (4-18)

There’s a great reason that martial arts have been taught to kids for thousands of years: it helps them get fit, focused, and disciplined. And, here in our Youngsan Karate martial arts classes, we also throw in tons of FUN (Family United Now)!  CLICK THE LINK ABOVE FOR MORE INFORMATION

Naturally, without questions, teens are a different group of people with a desire to fit in. Here at Youngsan Karate, no one ‘sits on the bench’! Everyone is involved demonstrating team work, encouraging one another all while having fun while learning, getting into shape, keeping focused, developing additional great physical skills in their training in the martial arts.  CLICK THE LINK ABOVE FOR MORE INFORMATION


Adult Karate Shogun Warriors (19 & Up)

Everyone who trains at Youngsan Karate will exercise their mind and body! The classes are non-intimidating while we have fun working hard toward your goal(s) and the Program’s goals. You will learn the basics of karate while developing strength and stamina. Also, you will learn self defense techniques that could save your life one day. What you put into training at the dojo and outside of the dojo will improve your outlook on life!  CLICK THE LINK ABOVE FOR MORE INFORMATION

Goju Fitness Program (Ladies 15 & up)

Think about it ladies, you have tried and failed, lacked the commitment to continue, confidence down, depressed, a little overweight.  Well we start you right where you are!  Gradually working with you in steps.  You will be held accountable.  You will be pushed beyond the ‘mental chains’, which kept you back.  You can get off some of the medications, if not all.  Gain more Energy!  Lose Weight!  Tone Up!  Strengthen Up!  Be more Flexible!  Improve your Cardio!   CLICK THE LINK ABOVE FOR MORE INFORMATION

Specialty Programs

Self defense training

  • Women’s Rape Prevent Self Defense
  • Nerve/Pressure Point Self Defense
  • Sword Basics
  • Anti Bullying Seminar (FREE)
  • Bully Prevent Self Defense
  • Wheelchair Self Defense
  • Goju Fitness Program

Competition Video