James Young with Youngsan Karate in Centreville, MD is an amazing teacher to my six year old son Ben. James is patient, and kind. I highly recommend signing up your child with Youngsan Karate.
Christina L. (Queenstown MD)

I cannot speak highly enough about the Back To School program through Young San Karate. Sensei Young treats each one of my children with respect, and elicit respect in return. Sensei Young is a fantastic role model and inspires the kids to strive to meet their goals. He cares genuinely about helping each child to do their best and to be their best. He has taught my children so much through this program in what I feel was so little time to learn so much. My children are learning more respect, discipline, developing physical skills and building a stronger sense of self from Sensei Young. My children have gotten more out of this program then they have out of a lot of other activities that they have been involved in. And most of all our children love this program and are very excited and looks forward to class every Monday and Wednesday.
Thank you so much!
Donna M. (Greensboro MD)

Both my granddaughters attend Youngsan Karate. I have to say they both thoroughly enjoy Sensei Young’s class and have learned a lot in the amount of time they have been attending his school. He is both very professional and friendly working with both the girls.
I highly recommend Youngsan Karate LLC.
Donna L.

Mr. Young provided a public service on Aug. 2. The free women’s self-defense clinic was very helpful in being made aware that we have an option to not merely surrender to a would be attacker but by teaching us different methods of self-defense we do not have to be a victim. We are empowered by knowing how to defend ourselves by simply using our bodies as a weapon. Mr. Young was very professional and thorough in his instruction and ensured everyone knew the moves before moving on to the next one.
Geneva G. (Dover DE)

I participated in the two hour rape prevent / self-defense workshop. One of the reasons I wanted to take the course was because I wasn’t sure of my ability to fight and defend myself if the need arose. I was struck by the simplicity and effectiveness of the techniques taught. H. James was professional and took a genuine interest in each student not only learning the skills but also developing the correct mindset to survive. I left the class feeling unbelievably empowered. The skills we learned were simple, quick and effective. Any woman can learn them and any woman can protect herself.
Yvonne W.

I expected to learn the basics about how to protect myself, but I didn’t expect it to be so much fun.
Brianna J.

Mr. Young, I really enjoyed the self-defense class you gave last week. You were very professional and knowledgeable about your craft, and the various techniques you taught. I learned some great surprising key moves and pressure points to help me protect myself. I also loved the advice you gave that if we’re ever threatened we should always be thinking even though we may be scared. Thanks for your patience and for making it fun.
Sherron B. (Ft Washington MD)

The Basic Self Defense Workshop was very useful to me as a female who commutes in the very early morning hours. I learned specific moves that were simple, but very effective. Mr. Young showed me that I did not have to learn every move that was taught that night in class, but to get comfortable with a few and really perfect the technique. If an attack were to occur the moves should come natural, just like breathing. I was extremely happy to learn how to breath, if caught in a choke hold. It was so simple and subtle anyone of any age or statute could use in an instant. Thank you.
Kirsten S. (Grasonville MD)

I enjoyed the 1 hour self-defense class and recognized Mr. Young’s capacities as an effective teacher of the martial arts. He was very patient with the class and provided clear guidance. Several hours of instruction and then practice would be of value to almost anyone.
Lewis M. (Washington DC)

The workshop was great. The instruction was just right for the audience and the pace of the class kept me focused. Thanks.
Toney R. (Washington DC)

One Thursday I was in one of Mr. Youngsan training class he had us doing some unfamiliar exercise to me. About 4 months later I had to go for physical therapy for my hip to my surprise he had me doing the same moves, Mr. J had us doing . TKS Mr. J.
Joseph G. (Clayton DE)

I mainly started the program because I sit at a desk at work and my neck often hurts. Performing the neck exercises has helped me get through my day with less pain, every day. I love how this program has improved my flexibility.
April S. (Dover DE)

Mr. Young is passionate which translated as enthusiasm during training. From day one, he was informative, attentive and allowed me to ask all the questions I needed to feel comfortable. If you have goals, you’ll accomplish them with Mr. Young. Come ready to learn and he’ll teach you!!!!.
Adiyla M. (Smyrna DE)

As a client I wanted more than just a good workout. I wanted a personal trainer who motivated me emotionally then physically. Mr. Young’s positive attitude, consistency and his knowledge of breathing techniques, backed by his results inspired me to continue to work on my strengthening needs. My training experience was spiritually rejuvenating. I’ve learned, acquired and retained more education & skills then what I anticipated.
Adiyla M. (Smyrna DE)

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